Designing Designers is a podcast investigating the “meta” of design. Not about things that have been designed, nor the people who make the things, but about the experiences that make the people who make the things.

Each season, a new view into the education for a designer in the 21st century.

Mostly serious, sometimes irreverent, and always super intimate.

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Season 1: “The Experience of Education”

The first season of Designing Designers follows two design programs over the course of a whole semester as they seek to change the experience of the classroom.

We follow Chris Taylor of Texas Tech University from Lubbock, Texas to the remote desert of Nevada as he leads a group of students on a field study program called Land Arts of the American West.

And we meet Matthew Peterson and Brad Tober at the University of Illinois as they experiment with what they call “vertically integrated studios,” turning the graphic design classroom into a vibrant (and messy) learning community.

We also find our host on an island off the coast of Maine, at a thing called Design Inquiry, where he figures stuff out with a dozen other people, including Margo Halverson, Emily Luce, Gail Swanlund, Anita Cooney, Gabrielle Esperdy and a roommate named Critter.

Designing Designers is written, produced
and recorded by Jimmy Van Luu.